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Spencer Shrader

Professional Soccer player

Hi, I'm Spencer. I'm the author of this blog. I like to go on adventures, and I'm going to Brazil to play professional soccer. I've lived in Indiana, Texas, and currently Florida.

Bobby DeMoss

Bobby helps me manage the blog, and helps me plan my daily adventures. He's involved with every business decision, and one of my closest advisors. He lives in Tennessee, but may be coming to Brazil soon.

Marketing and social media manager

Breno Picolo

Sports Agent

Breno is my agent. I met him when he was an exchange student in Florida, and we quickly became fast friends. He lives in Sao Carlos, Brazil.

Michael Vincent

Michael is involved financially in all business deals and negotiations. I've known Michael a long time, he is a close friend of mine. He is currently located in Tulsa, OK.

Financial and business advisor

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