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Everyone has a story to tell. I go on cool adventures where I meet new people and see interesting places. I love experiencing new things and documenting it here on my blog. My top priorities are Faith, family, education, and sports. I'm proceeding boldly through life!

Check out my adventures category to see what I've been up to recently, or view my photos for visual updates that could include landscape photos, action shots, and others. My soccer category keeps you updated on the sport that I'm turning into a profession.

This is my story.


I've been playing soccer since the age of 5. Throughout the years, it's remained my favorite sport and I'm in the midst of turning it into a career.

I document my exploits in soccer from a unique perspective, my own. I'm honest about my experiences and what it's like turning soccer into a career. Stay tuned for all of my blog posts about my Brazilian soccer experience!


I usually embark on some kind of adventure every couple days. If it's worthy, I write a blog post about. I like to write about food, culture, lifestyle, and the neat people I meet.

Though soccer is what currently takes me on these escapades, it's only a part of my life. Read through my adventure blog posts to see all the exciting stuff I'm up to!


I can write about all these adventures, but pictures are what spice things up and add some flavor to a blog post. I do my best to take photos of the world around me, to truly help my readers engage and see what I see.

A picture tells a thousand words as they say. If you don't want to read through my stories, you can just quickly check out my recent photos!

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Exploring Alderman Ford park